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Published Sept. 23, 2018

The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, provides vital maintenance and repair services to the Department of Defense and other government agencies to sustain a worldwide robust fueling capability in support of the Army, Navy and Air Force service components.

In 1980, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) approached Huntsville Center to acquire contracts for the creation of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manuals for their Defense Energy Support Center Fuel Support Point (now the Defense Fuel Support Point - DFSP) coastal fuel sites. Due to the success of this effort, DLA requested Huntsville Center develop a recurring maintenance and service order program. The Recurring Maintenance and Minor Repair Program’s purpose is to provide recurring maintenance to maintain the capital investment and repairs (service orders) with emergency response to sustain the operational readiness of petroleum facilities.

Program and Project Management

Huntsville Center’s Fuels Program, within the Installation Support and Programs Management Directorate, has the expertise and ability to assist multi-service installations and customers in maintaining and repairing fueling equipment at the installation level. The program is managed by separate project management teams for each military service. The preventive and periodic maintenance is executed in a decentralized manner with each DOD installation providing a site representative, who is responsible for validating the scope of work and subsequent verification of work completion. Huntsville Center provides additional quality assurance via the use of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers district field offices and periodic QA visits as added checks and balances.

Program Scope

The Recurring Maintenance and Minor Repair Program provides , maintenance, inspections, repairs and emergency response actions for DLA capitalized petroleum facilities, other DOD activities and other federal activities on military installations worldwide, in compliance with federal, state, and local code, criteria and regulations.

This program also maintains the Marine Loading Arms (MLAs) at 23 sites worldwide for all military services through DLA-Energy. MLAs are critical in issuing and receiving fuel and directly support the U.S. Navy Fleet and allies around the globe.

In FY18, the program obligations increased to $123 million from FY17’s total of $118 million. In FY18, the program will provide more than 1,272 critical and timely recurring maintenance visits to maintain the capital investment and a projected 4,350 completed minor repair (service orders) with a placement value of $75 million to maintain equipment operational readiness.

To assist the military services and DLA-E in returning DLA capitalized sites back to operation post incident, we developed a fuels response team. This team was stood up for the first time to assist fuel sites post Hurricane Irma. The Fuels Incident Response Team (FIRST) consisted of a 5-person fuel assessment team from Omaha and a two-person team from HNC consisting of an ACO with a $500,000 warrant and a safety engineer to provide on-the-ground service order approvals to increase response time and shorten repair times. Due to the fuel sites receiving little to no damage, the team remained at the Huntsville ISB, and was stood down four days later. 

Ninety-four percent of the sites across the world – 406 of 433 sites – are in the program providing maintenance and minor repair for DLA-Energy and the service components. The program reached full operational capability in October 2017 with the last remaining AF award.


The DLA-Energy Acquisition Plan began by using a SATOC contractor to provide recurring maintenance and minor repair support to the installations. As the program quickly grew, it was evident that competition needed to be introduced to provide the best value to the government. As such, Huntsville Center determined a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) would better fulfill the requirements. There are currently 18 BOA holders, five of which have been awarded task orders. In FY17, 18 option year awards were executed and there were nine contract awards. Additionally, more than 100 modifications were executed. In FY18 the program began executing awards using the GSA 03 FAC Facility Maintenance and Management Schedule with all awards scheduled to be made under this vehicle by 2022.

Best Practices

  • Recurring Maintenance (RM) sustains the Capital Investment.
  • Minor Repair (MR) sustains Equipment Operational Readiness.
  • Fuels program offers fueling equipment/facilities increased operational readiness of fuel systems.
  • Dedicated one-stop service to maintaining fuel equipment and facilities at sites worldwide
  • Comprehensive and flexible Recurring Maintenance Program based on customer needs
  • Increased reliability of facilities, systems and components
  • Fuels program executes 24-hour worldwide emergency support for fuel equipment/facilities.
  • The program uses a flexible service order process, allowing a fast response for small repairs that could otherwise be difficult to scope and fund. It also allows the local government representative to initiate a request based on an immediate need.
  • Fuels program effectively increases the useful life of facilities and equipment resulting in optimizing the life cycle of the fuel system and components, thereby increasing the duration between required re-capitalized investments.
  • Fuels program maintains a close working relationship with DLA-Energy, the Service Control Points (Army Petroleum Center, Navy Support Center and Air Force Petroleum Agency), as well as with the Europe District RMMR Program and the Omaha District, Fueling Systems Mandatory Center for Expertise (POL-MCX). This coordination is critical to solving issues for the end user as well as professional discussions/solutions. 


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Fuels Recurring Maintenance and Minor Repair Program


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