Resource Efficiency Manager Program

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville (Huntsville Center) Resource Efficiency Manager (REM) program increases installation energy program effectiveness by identifying programs, practices and other opportunities reducing energy and water costs through a contracted subject matter expert.

The program is self-sustaining as costs are offset by savings generated from execution of REM-identified projects and energy conservation measures (ECM's).


REMs provide a vital link across installations to develop site energy programs to secure resources for sustainability and renewable energy assets. 

Serving as the “energy boots-on-the-ground” to support installation energy efforts and overarching enterprise goals, REMs impart on-site knowledge and understanding to facilitate development and execution of energy goals. 

REMs accomplish these goals by:

  • Supporting facility repair and construction activities (including providing design review comments)
  • Project management support identification of energy savings projects
  • Construction coordination and oversight
  • Facility repair and renewal projects
  • Other support activities to ensure installation-wide energy efficiency and water conservation measures are incorporated into new construction

Huntsville Center Energy Division offers a one-stop-shop REM service – leveraging a holistic, integrated approach to energy management – to include contracting officer representatives, centralized program and project management, dedicated and technical engineering support, legal services and contracting experts.   

Huntsville Center has a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with a capacity level of $40 million over five years.  The BPA has a total of five small business contractors and REM services are broken out into three REM categories:

  • REM Services Level I: Least experienced in terms of energy management with a minimum of three years. Average contract costs are $160,000.
  • REM Services Level II: Minimum of five years experience in energy management. Average contract costs are $180,000.
  • REM Services Level III: Most experienced level of energy management with a minimum of nine years. Average costs are $200,000.

The REM program is designed as self-sustaining as costs of the program are offset by the savings generated.

Huntsville Center Energy Division provides a dedicated and experienced project development team standardizing the acquisition process. Our expertise assists customers to not only acquire REM services, but also manage all associated duties and deliverables throughout the life of the contract.

Huntsville Center performs an annual REM workshop to ensure continuous professional development and training for REMs focusing on state-of-the-art energy programs and initiatives while leveraging Huntsville Center reach-back capabilities through Huntsville Center energy experts.

Contact the REM team by calling (256) 895-1322 or send an email.

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