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Our Areas of Expertise

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Environmental and innovative technology assessments

Optimization and value engineering studies

Green and sustainable remediation evaluations

Cost engineering

Field oversight and troubleshooting

Worker health and safety

Radioactive site surveys

Radioactive waste remediation and disposal

Human health and eco risk assessment

Risk management and risk communication

Asbestos and lead abatement

Federal and state environmental regulations

Department of Transportation hazardous materials requirements

Hazardous waste manifesting

        Multi-media environmental sampling

        Analytical methods (field measurements/ fixed lab) and data management


        Statistical applications, classic and geostatistics

        Fate-and-transport, including groundwater and air pathway analysis

Munitions and explosives of concern

Munitions constituents

Conventional munitions

Recovered non-stockpile chemical warfare materiel

Range clearance operations and readiness support

Various overseas missions involving munitions

Program policy and guidance

Funds distribution for EPA Superfund

Cost recovery

Contract acquisition and management

Cost-to-complete (environmental liability)

Environmental and Munitions Center of Expertise (EM CX)

The EM CX, as part of the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, serves the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and others by providing high quality engineering and scientific support to environmental remediation, munitions response and compliance programs around the world. The EM CX staff is a diverse team of responsive, dedicated, innovative professionals who support USACE, the Environmental Community of Practice, and the Army in meeting environmental and munitions response challenges. The CX works with their customers to attain solutions that benefit and protect the public and the environment. 

The EM CX supports the USACE Headquarters and offices worldwide on complex environmental and munitions issues through independent technical reviews, quality assurance reviews, munitions safety submission reviews, discipline-specific technical support, guidance development, participation on multi-agency panels and advisory committees, development and instruction of PROSPECT and informal training, and the evaluation of and recommendations on innovative technologies. The EM CX also provides environmental management assistance on special studies and analyses.

The roles and responsibilities of the EM CX are outlined in ER 10-1-50. The CX operates with responsibilities and authorities granted from USACE Headquarters. The EM CX is designated a mandatory center of expertise (MCX). Per ER 1110-1-8158, Corps-Wide Centers of Expertise Program (January 1998) “An MCX is a USACE organization that has been approved by HQ USACE as having a unique or exceptional technical capability in a specialized subject area that is critical to other USACE commands.” The responsibilities of an MCX are to maintain state-of-the-art technical expertise in the assigned specialty; and provide technical assistance and specific services to HQ USACE, all other USACE commands, and other organizations per the mission and function statements.

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