How to do business with Huntsville Center

Interested in doing business with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers? 

Guide to doing business with USACE

Interested in doing business with the U.S. Army Engineering support Center, Huntsville? The first thing you need to do is become familiar with Huntsville Center’s programs. You can find detailed information about each of the Center’s programs by reviewing our fact sheets. After determining what program is right for your business, register in the System for Award Management database.  It is MANDATORY that all vendors be registered under the SAM program. Once registered in SAM, you can find information on available Huntsville Center opportunities through the website. Complete the appropriate forms stated in or provided in the synopsis or solicitation. If you are a small or small disadvantaged business, visit Huntsville Center’s Office of Small Business Marketing Guide page.




The USACE Finance Center (UFC) is altering their process for obtaining electronic funds transfer (EFT) banking information utilized for vendor contract payment and will no longer accept UFC Form 23 to update EFT banking information for vendors. Banking information for all vendors will be retrieved from and entered into CEFMS II. There are no exceptions to this policy change.  All contractors must notify the UFC via e-mail at:  when banking information has been updated in  Compliance with this requirement will help ensure timely payment to the correct bank account.



The Department of Defense is in the process of requiring ALL contractors and their subcontractors and suppliers to have the appropriate level of Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) to be eligible for an award.  There are multiple levels of certification, some certification levels require an accredited third party to certify.  The level of certification necessary can take months or years to obtain to be able to meet future Government requirements.  The full implementation of the CMMC requirement is quickly approaching.  If your company or subcontractors are not currently certified, a simple internet search will locate several firms that are available to help you start the certification process now. 

Marketplace Listings for CMMC-AB