Installation Support Center of Expertise

Installation Support and Programs Management
Published Aug. 13, 2021

Huntsville Center (HNC) is the Corps of Engineers’ Installation Support Center of Expertise (IS-CX). HNC’s charter includes programs that are national, worldwide, or broad in scope; require integrated facilities or systems that cross geographical boundaries; require a centralized management structure; or require commonality, standardization, multiple-site adaptation or technology transfer. This support ranges from programmatic in nature for large geographically dispersed programs that involve centralized support with decentralized execution to partnering in executing state-of-the-art projects. The ISCX is committed to provide outstanding mission and quality of life support services to military installations.  

There are 16 program lines covered by the IS-CX:

Planning and Programming
Provides the subject matter experts, tools, and resources to help clients better manage their real property portfolios. The program develops comprehensive installation and facility planning studies, programming documentation and a variety of specialized studies for the DoD and non-DoD clients worldwide. POC is Program Manager, (256) 895-1346. Click here for the program fact sheet.

Ranges and Training Land
Centralized support for Army G-3/5/7, Training Support Systems (TSS) as the Mandatory Center of Expertise for facilities that support the Sustainable Range Program, Mission Command Training Support Program, Soldier Training Support Program and Combat Training Centers. Provide standards & criteria, planning charrette/DD Form 1391, design, and construction support to the USACE Enterprise, USACE Customers, Department of the Army and other DOD Organizations in the areas that support the Army G-3/5/7 Training Support Systems facilities. POC is Program Manager, (256) 895-1534. Click here for the program fact sheet.

Facilities Reduction
Supports the planning, management and execution of the Army-wide Facilities Reduction Program. The goal is to produce clean sites in a cost effective and environmentally sound manner. POC is Program Manager, (256) 895-1141. Click here for the program fact sheet.

Energy Saving Performance Contracting
Provides private party financing for Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) at Army, Navy, and Air Force installations. In this partnership the contractor provides capital and expertise to make infrastructure energy, waste, and water conservation improvements on government facilities to significantly reduce Army energy consumption and costs, and often maintains the equipment in exchange for a portion of the generated savings. Savings guarantees are mandatory; savings must exceed payments in each year; measurement and verification (M&V) is mandatory; and contract term cannot exceed 25 years. POC is Program Manager, 256-656-8232. Click here for the program fact sheet.

Utility Energy Services Contracting (UESC)
Negotiates contracts with local electric, gas and water utility companies that enable the utility companies to provide federal agency customers with comprehensive energy and water efficiency improvements and demand reduction services. POC is Program Manager, (256) 895-8232. Click here for the program fact sheet.

Electronic Security Systems (ESS)
Provides cradle-to-grave services, including criteria development, site surveys, project scoping, design, procurement, installation, performance testing, acceptance, monitoring and maintenance for ESS. Evaluates existing systems and recommends necessary improvements. POC is Program Manager, (256) 895-1556. Click here for the program fact sheet.

Commercial Utilities Program (Acquisition, Sales and Rate Interventions)
Provides guidance and support to CONUS installations’ utility procurement and sales programs to ensure reliable utility services are acquired at fair cost. Assists installations with negotiations with both utility companies and resale customers. Provides utility rate analyses to installations to ensure utilities are being purchased at the best possible rate. Provides technical support for utility rate intervention proceedings before federal and state regulatory bodies to ensure reliable utility services are obtained in the most cost-effective manner. POC is Program Manager, (256) 895-1251. Click here for the program fact sheet.

Army Central Metering Program (AMP)
The AMP procures and installs advanced utility meters which capture and report multiple points of information to the local Enterprise Energy Data Reporting System (EEDRS) which then sends the data to the Metering Data Management System (MDMS). POC is Program Manager, (256) 895-1478. Click here for the program fact sheet.

Resource Efficiency Manager (REM)
Increases installation energy program effectiveness by identifying programs and practices to reduce energy and water costs through a contracted energy management subject matter expert. POC is Program Manager, (256) 895-1251. Click here for the program fact sheet.

Access Control Program
Provides Maintenance and Services, Design and Build Construction, and Infrastructure upgrades to ACPs and other facilities worldwide. The program leverages technical experts and USACE districts to provide the best value to the customer. The team is experienced in developing standard compliant solutions for unique and challenging ACP layouts. POC is Program Manager, (256) 895-1338. Click here for the program fact sheet.

Base Operations (Base Ops)
Provides a full spectrum of installation operations support to all facilities utilizing contracted manpower. This consist of executing defines services structured around preventive and corrective maintenance to preserve and maintain facility systems to effectively be used for its designated functional purpose and lifespan. POC is Program Manager, (256) 895-1338. Click here for the program fact sheet.

Energy Resilience & Conservation Investment Program (ERCIP)
A subsection of the Defense Department’s Military Construction (MILCON) Program specifically intended to fund projects that save energy and water, reduce DoD’s energy costs, improve energy resilience / security, and contribute mission assurance. POC is Program Manager, (256) 895-1251. Click here for the program fact sheet.

Utility Monitoring and Controls Systems
Completes site surveys; develops equipment installation plans; incorporates cyber security system engineering; provides hardware and software; provides test and check-out of systems; performs facility modification and construction ancillary to equipment installation; interfaces with and installs new data transmission equipment; determines compatibility of new equipment with existing systems; prepares system and component documentation; provides operation and maintenance manuals; provides training; maintains and services systems; operates and monitors systems; prepares after action and other reports; and provides as-built installation drawings. POC is Program Manager, (256) 895-5296. Click here for the program fact sheet.

Provides quality oversight and management of cybersecurity inventories of facility-related control systems (FRCS) including medical systems, assists multiple Department of Defense customers in obtaining an Authority To Operate (ATO) under the Risk Management Framework (RMF) requirements, and provides Continuous Monitoring Support services once the ATO is achieved. POC is Program Manager, (256) 895-1478. Click here for the program fact sheet.

Provides procurement and delivery of furniture and furnishings for initial issue furnishings for MILCON and renovated UPH barracks, replacement barracks furnishings and trainee barracks as well as initial issue furnishings for MILCON and replacement administrative furnishings. Procurements are made from UNICOR or GSA-approved vendors. POC is Program Manager, (256) 895-7456. Click here for the program fact sheet.

Facility Repair and Renewal
Fast track, efficient design-build contracting process for facility repairs, renovations and minor construction. Best suited for projects that require engineering/design, have tight budget and schedule requirements, and cost $250,000 or more.  POC is Program Manager, (256) 895-1141. Click here for the program fact sheet.

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