DD1391 Processor System

Program Manager: 256-895-1838

Huntsville Center
Published Sept. 29, 2018
Updated: July 28, 2022

The DD Form 1391 is used by the Department of Defense to submit documented requirements necessary for the submittal of program justification in support of funding request for military construction projects to Congress. 

The DD Form 1391 Processor System has an automated capability via the Web that assist users in preparing, submitting, reviewing, certifying, printing and archiving DD Form 1391s and their related data, in accordance with Army Regulation 420-1, “Army Facilities Management.” 

Associated Modules of the DD Form 1391 include the DD1390, ENG3086 and CA1391. The DD1390 module is used to record each installation’s program in relation to personnel strengths, real property improvements, mission and functions. The ENG3086 module assists the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Military Construction District and Division personnel with preparation and submission of the ENG 3086 Form(s).  The CA1391 module is available only to headquarters-level personnel for creating potential Congressional Adds.  

As the assigned responsible agency for the DD Form 1391 Processor System since 1980, the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville is responsible for operation, maintenance, fielding, user assistance, and training to customers worldwide. The DD Form 1391 Processor and related applications cover a broad spectrum of unique requirements associated with policies and procedures governing the DD Form 1391 and related documentation. 

Huntsville Center, in cooperation with the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-9 (formerly known as ACSIM), has made the DD Form 1391 Processor System available at https://pax.csd.disa.mil. To access, the user needs a standard configuration personal computer, and a DoD Common Access Card. 

Approximately 2,058 users worldwide currently access the system, which contains more than 51,000 forms.  

Additional Features

  • Assists in preparing DD1391 forms for facilities with a standard design (as developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Centers of Standardization). The system will allow a user to create a new form or make changes to an existing form by replacing data to include primary facility data, standardized text, guidance for the preparer of the project, and furnishings and equipment data. Most standard designs have accessible floor plans, site plans, and furniture layouts that are automatically attached to the form.
  • Automatic tracking of the status of a project as it proceeds through review channels. By accessing the system, the user can monitor the project and see any modification or alteration, and review comments concerning it. The user can also determine the exact location of the project at any time during the military construction planning and programming process.
  • Attachments storage/printing capability. Pictures, site maps and other attachments that would help justify/explain the construction requirement may be “attached” to the DD Form 1391.
  • Access to review comments made by various offices as a project is submitted or returned for correction by higher headquarters.
  • Printing of forms in the formal Office of the Secretary of Defense and Congressional “Budget Book” formats as well as other formats to assist technical reviewers at all organizational levels.
  • Automatic interface with PC packages such as PC-Cost, Economic Analysis Software Package (ECONPACK), and Information Systems Cost Estimator (ISCE). These programs are used to generate project cost estimates, economic analyses and information systems cost estimates.
  • Access to historical information for monitoring changes made to each field of data. Additionally, the system maintains a history of all form submittals and returns.
  • Controlled access to projects being programmed by other activities for the sharing of information. With the approval of the creator of a DD Form 1391, the system allows a copy of the form to be read by another user. Additionally, all system users may access the directory of archived forms that represent DD Form 1391 projects which have been successful in the programming and planning process.
  • Multiple data retrieval procedures (Ad Hoc Reports) to generate listings of project information in many different formats.

The system accommodates projects for the following major programs:


 • Air Force Operations & Maintenance, Contingency Construction (AFOMCC)
• Air Force Special Operations Forces (AFSOF)
• Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)
• Army Family Housing (AFH)
• Army Family Housing, Operations & Maintenance (AFH-O)
• Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO)
• Barracks Upgrade Program (BUP)
• Base Closure, Army (BCA)
• Chemical Demilitarization (ChemD)
• Commercially Financed Facilities (CFF)
• Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS)
• Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
• Energy Resilience & Conservation Investment Program (ERCIP)
• Facilities Sustainment, Restoration, & Modernization (FSRM)
• Family Housing, Air Force (FHAF)
• Housing Procurement, Construction & Improvement (HPCI)
• Maintenance & Repair, Army Reserve (MRAR)
• Maintenance and Repair (M&R)
• Major Acquisition Systems Infrastructure (MASI)
• Medical Military Construction (MED)
• Military Construction, Air Force (MCAF)
• Military Construction, Army (MCA)
• Military Construction, Army Reserve (MCAR)
• Military Construction, National Guard (MCNG)
• National Missile Defense (NMD)
• Non-appropriated Funds (NAF)
• Operations & Maintenance, Army Contingency Construction (OMACC)
• Other Procurement, Construction & Improvement (OPCI)
• Payment-in-Kind (PIK)
• Production Base Support (PBS)

• Real Property Exchange (RPX)

• Relocatable Buildings (RB)

• Section 6 Schools (S6S)
• Shore Procurement, Construction & Improvement (SPCI)
• Shore Waterways Acquisition, Construction & Improvement (SWW)
• Special Operations Forces (SOF)
• Supplemental (SUPL)
• Production Base Support (PBS)
• Theater Missile Defense (TMD)
• U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)
• Unspecified Minor, MILCON Army Reserve (UMMCAR)
• Washington Headquarters Service, Military
Construction (WHS-MCON)
• Washington Headquarters Service, Maintenance & Repair (WHS-M&R)

Download the DD Form 1391 fact sheet (PDF) HERE.

(as of August 2022)