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Published Oct. 8, 2015

The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, is the Army Corps of Engineers’ Medical Facilities Mandatory Center of Expertise and Standardization (MX). 

The MX partners with the USACE project delivery teams, regional business centers/divisions, stakeholders and geographical districts to provide medical expertise and the highest-quality medical and medical research facility lifecycle support to the Department of Defense, other federal agencies and foreign governments.

The DOD Medical program funds Army, Air Force and Navy medical and medical research facilities. Since originally directed by Congress and established in 1978, the MX has the responsibility to develop medical design and construction policies, technical guidance, procedures, criteria, specifications, and standards that integrate medically unique design, construction, and operational requirements. Use of MX services is mandatory for DOD medical military construction but is available on a reimbursable basis to provide support for others. In fiscal 2016, the MX’s responsibilities were formally expanded to include a similar role supporting the USACE mission to execute project delivery for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Partnering with HQ, the MSCs and several districts, we are supporting the acquisition, design and construction of 20 ongoing major medical treatment facilities projects (projects more than $100 million).

The MX’s highly experienced professional staff supports the development of acquisition strategies, schedules, intensive management plans, and scopes of work for architect-engineer services or other medically unique submittal requirements. The MX provides medically unique technical support and leadership in developing concept designs, and provides technical review and expertise during throughout the design process. During construction, the MX assists with technical evaluation of construction changes, or concerns, to ensure compliance with policy and criteria unique to medical facilities and also assists with commissioning activities.

Since its inception, the MX has supported approximately 470 medical treatment or medical research facility projects totaling more than $15 billion. An unprecedented record of delivering high quality projects within budget and on, or ahead, of schedule has been established. Many facilities have been recognized with national design awards from The American Institute of Architects, Modern Health Care Magazine, the Secretary of Defense, the Air Force, the Army and the Army Corps of Engineers.

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