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Program Manager 256-895-2552

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The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville’s Electronic Security Center (ESC) provides quality oversight and technical expertise for the design, procurement and installation of Electronic Security Systems (ESS). 

The center offers cradle-to-grave ESS technical services and, when requested, will survey, design, procure, install, test and maintain systems worldwide. Any U.S. government agency in need of physical and/or electronic security systems should contact the ESC to discuss individual requirements and available engineering technical support and contracting opportunities. 

The ESC team works with customers and in-house contracting teammates to develop requirements and issue a Request for Proposal (RFP), resulting in a task order award to a pre-qualified contractor offering the best value to the government.

The ESC also delivers ESS Design Courses, Integrated Commercial Intrusion Detection System (ICIDS) operator and system administration courses, ESS site survey training and acceptance testing courses for the Army and other U.S. government agencies. 

Army Regulation 190-13 and Engineer Regulation 1110-1-8162 distinguish the ESC as the mandatory center of expertise for electronic security system (ESS-MCX) technical expertise for Army organizations. The ESS-MCX and procurement and installation teams rapidly deliver products and services to U.S. government agencies or affiliates worldwide.

Services Offered

 Design and Design Reviews   Procurements and Installation  ICIDS Training
 Technical Consultation and Support   Criteria and Specification Development   Technology Transfer
 System and Vulnerability Assessments  ESS Design Courses  ESS Acceptance Testing and Training
 Security Surveys   Special Studies   Life Cycle Maintenance and Service
 ESS Site Survey Training   Master Planning  

Why choose Huntsville Center’s Electronic Security Center team?
  • Record of high customer satisfaction
  • Full range of ESS technical expertise, products and services immediately available
  • Direct and rapid service to any government agency or affiliate
  • Proven capability to deliver ESS products and services worldwide
  • Products and services acquired competitively, under the federal streamlined procurement processes
  • Pre-qualified pool of contractors that perform to meet USACE and industry standards, in compliance with Unified Facility Criteria (UFC)
  • Complete project management, beginning with identification of need, ensures products are delivered in accordance with customer requirements and specifications
  • Suite of contracts for Architect-Engineer Services, Engineering Services and Procurement and Installation

Major Customers

U.S. Army Federal Bureau of Investigation Missile Defense Agency
U.S. Air Force  Smithsonian Institution  Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Navy National Park Service Bureau of Reclamation
U.S. Marine Corps Pentagon Force Protection Agency Department of Health and Human Services
National Guard Bureau  Defense Logistics Agency Defense Finance and Accounting Service
U.S. Forces Korea  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Defense Information Systems Agency
U.S. Southern Command U.S. Special Operations Command   

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Download ESS Fact Sheets (PDF)
ESS Program fact sheet
ESS trifold brochure

(as of October 2016)