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Published Nov. 2, 2015

The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville’s Access Control Point (ACP) Program has contracting and management capabilities to provide Maintenance and Services, Design-Build Construction and Infrastructure upgrades to ACPs and other facilities worldwide. The program is experienced and capable in executing ACP design, construction and maintenance projects in accordance with all applicable Department of Defense and agency-specific standards.


The program has two types of contract vehicles in the form of Multiple Award Task Order Contracts to facilitate ACP work from planning and design to construction and maintenance. The Design- Build contracts contain pre-approved pools of contractors that can provide design and construction services for an ACP within a single contract award. The Maintenance and Service Contracts provide pre-approved pools of contractors that provide maintenance and repair services for equipment within an ACP footprint. The ACP program also has the capability to provide engineering services to meet planning requirements for any ACP project. 


The ACP Program completed a $300 million, multi-phased 12-year program called the Access Control Point Equipment Program for the U.S. Army. Phase 1 of the program consisted of the purchase and shipment of portable physical security equipment. Phase 2 conducted condition surveys of the ACPs across many Army installations, and Phase 3 provided selected equipment upgrades to a portion of those ACPs surveyed. Phase 4 provided a specific set of equipment and associated infrastructure in support of the installation of Automated Installation Entry systems. The program currently provides maintenance and service functions for 41 Army installations in the U.S., as well as implementation of Design-Build Projects domestically and internationally.


The ACP Program has the capability to plan, design and construct all or portions of ACPs anywhere in the world. The ACP team leverages technical expertise within the Army Corps of Engineers to provide customers the best project value. We are experienced in developing standard compliant solutions for unique and challenging ACP layouts. Along with a cadre of engineering staff at Huntsville Center, the program partners with the following agencies: Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Traffic Engineering Agency, USACE Center of Standardization for ACPs, USACE Protective Design Center and the Electronic Security Center of Expertise.


  • Provide planning services to include traffic engineering studies, concept sketches, Installation Master Planning, scope development and technical advice
  • Design and construct ACP systems that meet your agency requirements
  • Providing maintenance and services to new or existing ACP equipment
  • Provide coordination with partner agencies to provide the best solution for your ACP requirements
  • Capability of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to support projects worldwide



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Access Control Point Program fact sheet

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