Medical Division - Medical Outfitting and Transition

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Huntsville Center
Published Oct. 31, 2019
Updated: Feb. 11, 2022

The Medical Outfitting and Transition (MO&T) Program at the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, comprises a three-team approach to provide services for outfitting and transition support

Initial Outfitting & Transition Team:

The Initial Outfitting and Transition (IO&T) Team offers total turn-key project support for the equipping and transitioning of staff and patients associated with new and renovated military healthcare and medical research laboratory facility construction projects to support the medical mission throughout the world. The IO&T Team provides transition support with services that can provide everything that is needed to meet the mission on first patient day – the equipment and, just as important, the complete clinical operation planning to ensure smooth processes to support the patient delivery model in a world-class facility for the warfighters and their families. The major service lines for IO&T contracts are discussed below:

  • Project Management Services are integral to the execution of any tasks ensuring effective, efficient and timely completion of contracted services. Services include the development of an Integrated Master Schedule to coordinate the IO&T schedule with other major schedules such as construction to ensure timely execution that mitigate risks associated with the schedules.
  • Equipment Planning Services to validate the final composition of equipment, % of reuse and % of new, with an associated rough order of magnitude costs and the development of acquisition packages for all new identified requirements to support complete outfitting including DMLSS support.
  • Transition Planning & Relocation Services for the reorganization and consolidation of existing facilities and/or the opening of new facilities to ensure efficient transition of functions to new locations including Day-in-the-Life training exercises.
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Interior Design Services in compliance with UFC 3120-10 Interior Design ensuring incorporation of evidence-based healthcare concepts to complement any Structural Interior Design (SID) packages developed as part of design and construction.
  • Equipment Purchasing Services for all identified medical, research and non-medical equipment, including limited IM/IT systems, physical security systems; specialty telecom systems as well as other identified requirements for equipment/systems.
  • Final Turnover and Close-out Services to provide all management, materials, tools, supervision, labor and equipment to facilitate the final turnover of the facility, applicable documents and close-out of identified projects.
  • Installation, Testing and Training Services to provide for the installation, assembly, technical inspection, testing and training for all identified equipment (existing and/or new) and systems including development of warranty plans to include existing warranties still in effect.
  • Warehousing Management Services to provide temporary and long-term warehousing, including all associated logistical services as required to support the IO&T effort.

On March 1, 2016, the Huntsville Center awarded a four-year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) with a pool of nine firms (five large businesses and four small businesses). With a $495 million capacity, this MATOC can support all Department of Defense Services as part of the shared services associated with the Defense Health Agency (DHA).

MO&T-Sustainment Team:

The MO&T-Sustainment Team supports Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) facilities worldwide and all Department of Defense Services as part of the shared services associated with the Defense Health Agency (DHA). This team provides Integrated Modular Medical Support Systems (IMMSS), non-Modular Medical Furniture and artwork for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, dental clinics, veterinary clinics, administrative and logistical facilities. IMMSS Systems available through the MO&T-Sustainment Team allow for integrated facility solutions with the flexibility to accommodate changing medical technology and functional requirements. Products are modular and capable of being reconfigured and relocated anywhere within the facility, avoiding obsolescence because of changes to operations, equipment and personnel needs. They are durable, flexible and safe, have a professional appearance and are functional within a health care setting. Many medical facilities have simultaneous requirements for IMMSS and requirements for non-IMMSS furniture and furnishings, like wood furniture and case goods, artwork, waiting room furniture and lounge furniture.

Huntsville Center processes delivery orders for medical furniture products, design, installation and related services. The MO&T-Sustainment Team is a success because of its innovative approach, significantly lowering contracting timelines and acquisition costs, and providing high user satisfaction. Orders are generally awarded in about 8 to 12 weeks, although orders requested during the fourth quarter of the fiscal year may require longer timelines depending on program workload.

The MO&T-Sustainment Team executes IMMSS orders through Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) that were awarded in 2017 to Haworth and Herman Miller. These BPAs are based on U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) schedule contracts and can be used to match products in existing facilities as well as outfitting new facilities. The BPAs have a total shared capacity of $200 million. Pricing for IMMSS products have already been negotiated and defined in the BPAs, and transportation within the continental United States is included in that price. Pricing for design, installation, reconfiguration and restoration of existing furniture systems, transportation to overseas locations and other related services are determined separately for each delivery order based on the specific needs of the customer.

The MO&T-Sustainment typically executes non-IMMSS and artwork orders through actions on GSA schedule contracts. The non-IMMSS and artwork order pricing are based on prices established within the associated GSA schedules and can be executed for both continental United States and overseas requirements.

MO&T-Design Team:

The mission of the MO&T Design team is to create healthcare environments for U.S. Army MEDCOM facilities that are patient and family-centered, aesthetically pleasing, safe and always of the highest quality – realizing world-class medical facilities through interior design expertise. In support of the HFPA/G9 mission, our healthcare interior designers ensure that Army medical facilities are outfitted with finishes and furnishings that comply with Evidence-Based Design principles, ADA/ABA criteria, Building and Life Safety codes, patient privacy and infection prevention practices and include products that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Value-added services include design/review/oversight of all interior design elements for U.S. Army MEDCOM projects and developing comprehensive furniture packages for sustainment projects and for local procurements at the facility level. The MO&T Design team can support all Department of Defense Services as part of the shared services associated with the Defense Health Agency (DHA).

Download the Medical Outfitting and Transition (MO&T) fact sheet HERE. (updated January 2022)