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Published Sept. 23, 2018
Updated: Sept. 8, 2020
This rappel tower retrofit in El Salvador was a Special Projects Program project.

This rappel tower retrofit in El Salvador was a Special Projects Program project.

Program Overview

The Special Projects Program (SPP) at Huntsville Center provides the right tools and resources to ensure customers’ special requirements are met. This program is an incubator for new programs as well as resources within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or the Department of Defense for any given task.

This program is available to all Corps Districts and their customers as part of the Corps’s “one-door-to-the Corps” policy. The key to the program’s success is flexibility, adaptability and customer-focused approach. SPP has supported major customers such as the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and National Guard.  Project types and locations vary widely; more recent types include specalized repair/renovation of secure space, range improvement, training courses, and foreign military sales engineer capacity development.


The Special Projects Program does not have specific MATOCs or SATOCs to support the program.  Based on customer requirements, the Special Projects Program researches and leverages existing contracts that fit the need or develop contracts based on those unique customer conditions.  Our innovative team is an ideal resource for procurement and execution of atypical requirements.


The SPP works with agency program, financial, contracting and legal counsel working to ensure requirements are met on time, within budget, and at reduced risk, resulting in best value solutions. We provide the services and the level of support needed for each requirement from our available capabilities that include: 

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Acquisition Planning and Acquisition Strategy Development
  • Development of all acquisition documentation
  • Contract and/or Task Order administration
  • Project Management/COR
  • Manage Project Schedule and Review Deliverables
  • Monitor Vendor Performance and Resolve Disputes
  • Manage Award Fee Evaluation Boards
  • Funds Management
  • Legal Support
  • Contract Close-out


The Special Projects Program was founded in 2012 when several project requirements arose that did not fit within any of our existing Huntsville Center programs.  Those disparate requirements were best suited for an inclusive program that quantified their individuality.  Unique customer requirements became projects, which were later consolidated into a Huntsville Center Special Projects Program.  An example of this would be the Information Technology Services (ITS) program, born out of SPP and is now a Huntsville Center Division. 

Best Practices

We strive to find the right resources to meet unique needs of customers and teams to support them.



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Special Projects Program

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