Facilities Division - Information Technology Services

Program Manager: 256-895-1766, 256-895-5300

Published Oct. 9, 2014

Program Overview

The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville’s Information Technology Services (ITS) Program offers a full scale program/project management and acquisition support solution for Department of Defense Information Technology requirements. The ITS Program is composed of project delivery team members of government and contractor personnel that are well versed in IT criteria, regulations and requirements. The team is dedicated to IT acquisition and therefore maintains strong customer relations focused on program/project management and technical expertise. Customized services are scalable and available when and where customers need them.  


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Program Scope

Established in November 2012, ITS is one of the fastest growing programs within Huntsville Center. In fiscal year 2013, the program exceeded $113 million in total obligations consisting of 173 requirements; in FY14 total obligations exceeded $300 million with 300 requirements. 

The ITS Program offers IT acquisition services in three primary areas: technical services, software and hardware commodities. 
Technical Services — Government customers may require contractor support in order to fulfill obligations on a short- or long-term basis or use contractors to provide helpdesk manpower, business analysis, research and development, and other duties which require capabilities that the government may choose to acquire through contractor support.
Software — Software and hardware both make up usable computing systems, but software exists as ideas and concepts. Software is required by customers to fulfill obligations, complete scientific research, support patient monitoring, model data and many other uses. Many times customers need software updates or renewals which can represent one-time buys or reoccurring renewals to meet their ever changing software requirements.  
Hardware — This category includes the physical systems required to support electronic technology and software or that provide the conduits necessary to transmit that technology from one place to another. It is the tools, machinery and other durable equipment which customers require for all electronic communications such as laptops, wireless phones, network routers, servers, mainframe computing systems and many other physical forms of technology.

Best Practices
ITS solutions may be developed using the Army Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) contract vehicle, Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), Multiple Award Task Order Contracts, GSA Schedules or single award or agency-specific contracts. This suite of solutions provides customers access to thousands of commercial partners and unlimited variety in information technology solutions. Additionally, the ITS team provides integrated services that combine services, software and hardware into a single deliverable.

Additional Services
The ITS Program can also provide the following additional services:
  • Contract oversight and administration to include scope reviews, modifications, etc.
  • Develop and execute scope, schedules and budgets (from task orders to multiple award task order contracts)
  • Assist customers for planning in areas related to future IT requirements
  • Coordinate and communicate with the necessary resources to lead an integrated project team that supports customers’ requirements
The ITS Program administers and maintains the ITS Business Portal, which provides up-to-date business intelligence information for all projects, including real time status updates on current projects, as well as historical information on past requirements.

Major Customers
DOD High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) — The HPCMP Program accelerates the development and transition of advanced defense technologies into superior warfighting capabilities by exploiting and strengthening U.S. leadership in supercomputing, communications and computational modeling.

Army Publishing Directorate (APD) — The APD supports readiness as the Army’s centralized publications and forms management organization in support of the war fighter, Army transformation, the Army Campaign Plan, the Business Management Modernization Program (BMMP) and in streamlining administrative functional business processes, leveraging existing technologies.

Army Program Executive Office (PEO) Missiles and Space — The U.S. Army PEO Missiles and Space provides centralized management for all Army tactical and air defense missile programs and selected Army Space programs. The PEO is responsible for the full life-cycle management of assigned programs.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has approximately 37,000 dedicated civilians and Soldiers delivering engineering services to customers in more than 130 countries worldwide.

(as of October 2014)