Maintenance and Services Division - Base Operations (BASEOPS) Program

Program Manager: 256-895-1338

Huntsville Center
Published Feb. 10, 2016
Updated: Aug. 15, 2023

The Base Operations Program (BASEOPS) at the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville provides a full spectrum of installation operations support to all facilities utilizing contracted manpower.

The BASEOPS Program consists of executing defined services structured around preventive and corrective maintenance. The objective is to preserve and maintain systems in such a condition that they may be effectively used for their designated functional purpose.

Preventive maintenance activities can be tailored based on the customer’s operational needs and budgetary constraints. Customers also may fund corrective maintenance incrementally using current year appropriations. This creates a budget friendly process for customers to pay for maintenance as it is needed and/or as additional funds become available.

Services offered:

  1. Facility Maintenance: Preventive, recurring maintenance and on-demand service order repairs to U.S. government real property and infrastructure enabling facilities and components/equipment to function at complete and full capacity for their intended use.
  2. Roads and Grounds Maintenance: Shoulder grading, ditching and culvert maintenance, paving and repaving, striping, turf repair, landscaping and mowing.
  3. Tree and Shrub Maintenance: Hazardous tree survey, complete tree removal, tree felling w/o removal, shrub removal, pruning, disease prevention, tree and shrub planting, urban forestry.
  4. Snow Removal Services: Removal of snow from paved and unpaved roads, sidewalks, parking lots, applying sand salt mixtures to all surfaces.
  5. Pest Control: Treatment for prevention of rodents and pests from government facilities and lands.
  6. Waste Removal: Waste collection, recycling and removal services from government facilities.
  7. Facility Assessments: Conduct evaluation of existing government facilities to determine their current condition, required repairs, furnishing needs and facility remaining life cycle.

Download the BASEOPS fact sheet (PDF) HERE.

(updated October 2023)