About Us

Huntsville Center's Energy Division provides holistic solutions on a global scale by leveraging a strategic energy portfolio for all of your energy challenges, goals and requirements.

The Energy Division has more than 20 years of experience with a proven track record of successful, comprehensive and innovative energy solutions.

We recruit the most talented program and project managers within the energy field. Our capabilities and acquisition tools allow us to serve customers worldwide.

Our focus is to provide sustainable and renewable energy solutions, combined with energy security assessments that together facilitate Net Zero installations.  Utilizing our integrated services, we are committed to federal mandate compliance for our customers.

Huntsville Center's Energy Division provides proven leadership for energy program development, energy sustainability, renewable energy initiatives, third-party financing solutions and innovative execution actions.

We provide project planning and project development with third party financing contracts such as Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC), Utility Energy Service Contracts (UESC) and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to meet the President's Performance Contracting Challenge (PPCC) and renewable energy goals.


The Energy Division utilizes a portfolio approach that leverages the Commercial Utilities Program (CUP), Energy Conservation Investment Program (ECIP), Energy Engineering Analysis Program (EEAP), Energy Information Management (EIM), and Resource Efficiency Managers (REM) to provide comprehensive energy solutions. 

The CUP provides expertise in utility rate negotiations, mitigation of rate increases, rate analysis and demand side management to ensure customers are taking advantage of the best rate structure.  

We help customers prepare the 1391 requirements document to gain ECIP funding for energy MILCON projects. 

The REM program provides customers with energy subject matter experts to help identify energy and water reduction opportunities and the tools to implement the opportunities through our energy portfolio. 

The EEAP program provides our customers the capability to identify opportunities that can lead to a capital investment strategy and implementation plan to achieve net zero.

We centrally provide all program and project management, engineering and technical, legal, and acquisition services.  Having all these specialties in a central location has allowed the programs to streamline its processes and provide a high quality turn-key approach to energy conservation and security.  

Our goal is to provide the federal workplace with the highest return on investment for every energy dollar invested, assuring confidence for your strategic energy portfolio.

We apply the Army values and support the warfighter by providing worldwide support to the Army’s land-holding commands. We continue to transform our civil works and other federal and state agencies.

Our innovative, resilient and sustainable solutions not only support the Department of Defense, Air Force, Navy and other federal agencies, but also address some of our nation's worldwide interests, thereby allowing us to build a strong and sustaining force providing value added customer focus solutions.


To implement your energy vision, call 256-895-8232, or 256-895-1298 or send an email.