Huntsville Center awards $500 million International Remediation and Environmental Services contract

U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville
Published May 2, 2022

The U. S. Army corps of engineers, engineering and Support center, Huntsville awarded a $500 million international remediation and environmental services-generation two multiple award task order contract (ires2 matoc) april 28.

A MATOC is not necessarily a contract for one task or action, but rather a collection of tasks and actions across a set specific period. The period of performance for this MATOC is five years and will be used to continue the execution of mission assignments at sites located outside the United States and outlying areas.

Huntsville Center’s Ordnance and Explosives Directorate is designated as a Military Munitions Design Center for conventional munitions and the only Design Center authorized to execute any phase of Chemical Warfare Materiel response projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The IRES2 MATOC will provide Military Munitions Response (MMR) services to safely locate, identify, recover, evaluate, manage and make final disposition of Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC), Munitions Constituents (MC), Chemical Warfare Material (CWM), Biological Waste and Biological Warfare Materiel (BWM) and Hazardous, Toxic and Radiological Waste (HTRW); implement Environmental Compliance measures; and other munitions related support services; and reduce Department of Defense Conventional Munitions Stockpile.

This contract will allow continued mission support for services to address munitions response concerns assigned to USACE.

The MATOC’s five awardees are: AECOM Technical Services, Inc.; Global Environmental and Munitions Services, LLC; Janus Global Operations, LLC; Relyant Global Operations LLC and Tetra Tech EC, Inc.

Release no. 22-004