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Posted 8/16/2018

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By William S. Farrow
Huntsville Center Public Affairs

A U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville employee was among 25 recipients of the Army Emerging Safety Leader Award. The award is sponsored by the Army Combat Readiness Center, at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

Jason Walsh, Huntsville Center safety specialist, was nominated by HQ U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and is one of four USACE safety specialists selected for the award.

The 25 awardees were honored during the Army Safety Summit, June 4-8 at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Beginning this month, selectees will embark on a two-year series of professional development programs and assignments to meet leadership and technical succession requirements in the CP-12 career field.

“This is a good opportunity to develop, learn and grow within the Corps and to continue to work to make positive changes within Department of Defense and in especially the Corps of Engineers regarding safety,” Walsh said.

Brenda Miller, U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center senior safety adviser and Career Program-12 functional chief representative, visited Huntsville Center Aug. 14-15, and said the reason Walsh and the others were selected was to fill CP-12 leadership positions later.

“The average age of the CP-12 workforce is over 50 years old and we are really concerned about building a bench of leaders that can move our program forward and take it to the next level,” Miller said.

Miller said she was looking for the “best and the brightest” of the 7,000 CP-12 careerists to fill the professional development positions, and Walsh and the other 24 selectees were the best choices.

“When we identified the ideal candidate, we said we wanted a high-performing careerist with outstanding potential for advanced responsibility to take on a key leadership position across the Army. I think Jason certainly fits that need.”

Walsh came to USACE through the CP-12 intern program in 2011.

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