Kyle Shireman receives Chief of Engineers Safety Award

Published Aug. 9, 2022

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville safety specialist Kyle Shireman received the FY21 Chief of Engineer Safety Award for improvements to the Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Program.

Shireman improved tracking, communication, the use of Hazard Reporting, and employee feedback through automated processes and standardization. He simplified the process for employee Position Hazard Analysis (PHA) development, improving employee participation and providing information to tailor the SOH program based on workforce needs.

“I was excited to hear that Kyle is being recognized for his outstanding support to USACE by his selection for the 2021 Chief of Engineers Safety Award for an individual.   Kyle has made an impact on the safety and occupational program not only in Huntsville Center but USACE-wide,” said Kellie Williams, Huntsville Center’s safety manager for special projects.   

Shireman created several automated inspection reports, which are stored on SharePoint and include interface of the quarterly inspections with the hazard reporting system, email reminders and notification of reports and data mining in one location. The simplification and automation of these processes has helped increase employee participation.

He also developed the Center's Safety Office SharePoint Page where employees can find “all things safety,” helped CESO develop their Safety Office site, and guided numerous USACE Districts and other  programs in developing their SharePoint  safety sites.

Shireman is the lead instructor for the quarterly 10-hr Occupational Safety and Health Administration construction safety course, participates as an instructor in the employee/supervisor safety course, is a certified first aid/CPR trainer and has provided briefings to contracting officer representatives and to small businesses. He engages in multiple outreach efforts, including post-award briefs, mentoring new contractors on Accident Prevention Plan requirements, and partnering with corporate safety officers in various venues.

Shireman supports many Headquarters, USACE initiatives benefiting the entire SOH Community of Practice and his systems have become enterprise solutions.

“Kyle has developed tools that have been shared across USACE, has been an integral part of Headquarters USACE working groups and has mentored and trained many safety professionals and contractors.  He has made a difference and the impacts are wide-spread,” Williams said.