2013 Combined Federal Campaign runs through December, Center sets $75K goal

Huntsville Center CFC coordinator
Published Sept. 30, 2013

It’s the time of the year when employees are encouraged to donate to the Combined Federal Campaign. 

This year’s motto is “I make it possible”.  Think about that for a moment.  It’s normal to wonder how my little contribution makes a difference, or if I don’t give this year, will it really make a difference?  The answer is YES, it does.  Each amount large or small makes a big difference to the people receiving it. 

The range of charities is vast.  There are more than 4,400 charities in the 2013 Catalog of Caring or online at www.cfcnca.org. Find a cause that means something to you or a loved one you might want to remember with a donation. Causes range from curing cancer to helping feed local senior citizens, research of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome to caring for AIDS/HIV patients.  Even millions of acres of rainforest are protected because someone wanted to make a difference.

With sequestration and furloughs, it seems everyone has had a hard time.  Financial hardships have a trickle-down effect. That means that more than ever, we need this year’s support to shine like a beacon of hope.  Give your contribution and know that you can say “I make it possible”.   

Here at HNC, it is often said we’re like a family.  More than that, the HNC is a family of giving people, who rise up to help those around them as shown by those volunteering to deploy, helping around the globe. Soon literature and pledge forms will be delivered to each employee. 

As chair of this year’s CFC drive, I encourage each of you to complete a pledge form.  CFC accepts cash, checks , payroll deductions and online pledge. HNC’s goal this year is $75,000. 

The idea is not just reaching a goal, but to donate to help those who all too often cannot help themselves.  However, having stated a monetary goal, there will be a “goal thermometer” to measure our success in the main lobby.

On behalf of your CFC staff, I look forward to this being a great year. Please see your local keyworker for a pledge form and booklet, or contact me and I’ll be happy to help you.