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Tag: Value Engineering
  • December

    Furnishings Program team focuses on ‘better, smarter, faster’ at VE workshop

    A group of Huntsville Center professionals took part in a value engineering workshop for the Furnishings Program Nov. 4–6 with the goal of improving processes, reducing costs and boosting value for stakeholders.
  • September

    Workshop highlights strengths of Value Engineering

    Like a woodsman sharpening an axe before chopping down a tree, a project manager must devote time to the planning phase of a construction project before a single cubic yard of concrete is poured into the foundation. If a project is the axe, then a project team can use Value Engineering in the planning phase as the sharpening tool.
  • Getting the most out of the Value Engineering process

    Huntsville Center’s Value Engineering process offers stakeholders a way to analyze their military construction project during the planning phase to improve the final product for the best possible value.