EM CX Mission and Vision

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a wide spectrum of peacetime and wartime missions including: Water Resources Development, Environment, Infrastructure (such as Military Construction), Disasters (including Homeland Security), and Warfighting.

The USACE environmental mission encompasses the restoration, management, and enhancement of local and regional ecosystems. This broad mission includes the restoration of sites contaminated with hazardous waste,  radioactive materials and munitions and their constituents.  The EM CX has played a vital supporting role in the identification and cleanup of contaminated defense and commercial sites throughout the Nation for the Department of Defense, the US Environmental Protections and various other federal agencies. The CX has used its knowledge to assist operating facilities in complying with environmental regulations, thereby reducing the legacy of contamination requiring future cleanup. The CX has also developed an integral role providing programmatic support to various customers. The overall success that the CX has had with these various activities can be built upon as the Nation’s environmental programs continue to mature.


The Huntsville Engineering and Support Center (HNC) supports specialized missions requiring unique technical expertise in programs that are national and/or very broad in scope.  HNC supports tasks that are not normally accomplished by a Headquarters USACE (HQUSACE) element; tasks that require a centralized management structure, integrated facilities or systems that cross geographic USACE Division boundaries; and tasks that require commonality, standardization, multiple-site adaptation or technology transfers.  The EM CX, as part of HNC, serves USACE and others by providing high quality engineering and scientific support to national environmental remediation, munitions response and compliance programs around the world. We work with our customers to attain solutions that benefit, protect and sustain the environment.  Activities support the Environmental Community of Practice (eCoP) in developing USACE as a learning organization.  The staff serves as subject matter experts (SME) in countless technical specialties.  The EM CX provides program support to customers, as well as  responsive expert technical review and/or assistance.  We provide training and guidance on highly complex technical topics and participate in national forums to disseminate information relevant to the HNC mission and goals.


The Environmental and Munitions CX continues its vital technical assistance and review activities and acts as a catalyst to propel the Environmental Community of Practice toward fulfilling the overall transformation of USACE into a learning organization. The CX accomplishes this by drawing on its past experiences while using its passion for learning to seek out and proactively communicate the innovative knowledge needed by both Project Delivery Teams and Program Managers to succeed. By focusing the CX training and hiring efforts in those areas that will have high need and impact to our customers, the CX can remain an irreplaceable asset to USACE, the Army and the Nation, ensuring challenging projects will be successfully completed the first time thus impelling the various EM CX Environmental and Munitions Programs toward completion.


The EM CX is very cognizant of the Army Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage and strives to maintain these values at the highest level possible.

The CX thrives on the success of its customers. We engage each customer to determine their needs through strategic listening and by providing the highest quality support necessary to ensure their success.

The professionals at the CX place a high value on integrity. It is their nature to do things right. They know that integrity includes honesty, objectivity, responsibility, and openness and use these values when building relationships within and external to the CX.

The CX professionals are dedicated to learning. The CX is constantly searching for innovative and cost-effective solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenging environmental problems.