Energy Information Management


The Energy Information Management (EIM) program addresses holistic asset management/information management for the Army and other agencies.

The EIM program works with all levels of the Army and Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) to standardize vendor systems and reduce costs of cybersecurity and life cycle maintenance for the Army.

EIM-Wide Area Visualization Environment (WAVE) is an enterprise solution tool installed at the local/site level to integrate data from distinct systems to collect, analyze, and visualize asset data for all personnel (maintenance, master planner, energy, operations, logistics, and commander/management, etc.) requiring shared information across multiple disciplines.

Future State:  Interoperable Cyber Secure Asset Management Network (systems-of-systems)

  • EIM meets the requirements of: 1) mission, 2) OSD Enterprise Energy Information Management, and 3) CIO/G6 security and reporting of systems
  • Reduce costs by standardizing: 1) data format/definition, 2) data architecture, 3) system(s) footprint (reduces install and maintenance costs)
  • Address cybersecurity of systems in the planning stage rather than the install phase; cybersecurity is part of system functionality, not a separate activity
  • EIM implements an enterprise solution integrating existing systems into a single view
  • Provides comprehensive cradle-to-cradle service to the local/site level not just project specific service

WAVE enables:

  • Situational awareness through the integrated visualization of data
  • Management of data as a strategic asset
  • Measurement and Verification per the Federal Energy Management Program guidance
  • Auditing of building performance

EIM works with:       

  • The expeditionary community in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville (Huntsville Center) and the USACE Construction Engineering Research Lab (CERL).  The Deployable Metering and Monitoring System (DMMS) and WAVE solution provides mobile data collection with visualization/analysis.
  • Other federal agencies to integrate systems and reduce costs across the federal government

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