Integrated Energy Solutions

Huntsville Center's Energy Division programs provide integrated energy planning and production capabilities for achievement of energy security.  

Our expertise is derived from the extensive portfolio of energy programs which include energy auditing, utility rate review and negotiation and implementing funded and third party-financed projects.

Our examination of your energy status and requirements includes reviewing the “as is” state, the projects in the pipeline, and developing/implementing the “to be” state to meet long-term energy goals.

Planning for success

Planning is half of the battle for success.  We provide energy plans clearly identifying yearly projects and steps required to help the customer attain energy security.  Our energy plans define a strategic, holistic approach providing a total energy snapshot by reviewing:

  • The energy baseline and requirements.

  • Energy consumption costs and utility rates.

  • Analyzing your total installation energy actions:  resources, projects/contract actions

  • Providing energy assessments/audits of facilities.

Utilizing the gathered information, a project implementation plan is developed. The plan includes leveraging multiple programs internal and external to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to execute the comprehensive plan to meet secure energy requirements. 

The plan also includes potential project funding options.

Production for security

The Huntsville Center Energy Division team builds the infrastructure necessary to meet your energy goals, sustainment and production needs. We have an extensive portfolio of programs to execute energy production projects. 

Your energy security needs will be met through:

  • Project implementation to reduce energy consumption (savings) leading to reduced energy requirements.

  • Project implementation installing energy production systems: photovoltaic arrays, microgrids, combined heat and power plants and wind turbines.

  • Installing microgrids for management of energy distribution.

  • Leveraging energy production projects with utility companies

  • Implementing projects through the Energy Division Programs (Energy Conservation Investment Program, Energy Savings Performance Contract, Utility Energy Services Contract, etc.)

  • Coordination of project execution through other government agencies (Office of Energy Initiatives, etc.)

  • Determining Net Zero initiatives based on your installation requirements    


Additional information on the Huntsville Center Energy Division programs can be found at this website.