Range Design Guide


The Range Design Guide (RDG) is a web-based tool that provides guidance for design and construction of US Army Training Ranges; based on the training requirements of TC 25-8. It replaces the CEHNC 1110 series range design manuals.

The RDG (1) identifies and defines interface points between the targetry system contractor and the range construction contractor, (2) facilitates the standardization of range facilities, and (3) notes salient points and design criteria for standardized ranges.

The Range Configuration Control Board (RCCB) controls the interface points between the range infrastructure and the instrumentation system. Both the OPA targetry system and the range construction must meet the interface requirements documented in the RDG for the range to function properly. Refer to the RCCB module below for more information.

How to Use the RDG

Each Module of the RDG contains design information about a specific subject. Each module includes downloadable sections in a pdf or pdf portfolio format. The designer will need a number of these sections in order to design a complete range. The specific sections required vary depending on the type of range.

The Module layout of the RDG allows the designer to go directly to a needed file. Start with the specific range in the Range Module if unsure of the section needed. Each range description has a list of all files necessary for that particular range.

The designer should contact the RTLP MCX with any questions.

      Call (256) 895-1534 or Email DLL-CEHNC-RTLP@usace.army.mil