Range and Training Land Program

The Range and Training Land Program (RTLP) is the part of the Training Support System (TSS) that deals with Army live fire ranges and maneuver training areas. The TSS also includes the Soldier and Mission Command programs.

The U.S. Army Engineering Support Center, Huntsville (Huntsville Center), is the designated Mandatory Center of Expertise (MCX) for the RTLP. Huntsville Center also provides centralized management and engineering support through the RTLP-MCX to the other parts of the TSS program.

The RTLP-MCX is the centralized repository for information and expertise in planning, programming, design, and construction of Automated Ranges, Training Support Centers (TSC), Mission Command Training Centers (MCTC) projects for the TSS Program.

HNC is an available resource for the TSS Program Enterprise and other range designers and users.


  • provides centralized management and responsibility for Automated Range, TSC, and MCTC MILCON projects
  • provides centralized planning and programming document development and review, (DD1391, Project Definition Report (PDR), and ENG3086)
  • develops and maintains standard design drawings and manuals for Automated Ranges, TSC’s and MCTC’s in the Range Design Guide
  • provides centralized design reviews
  • maintains a suite of in-house design expertise and an available suite of A/E design contractors

Contact the RTLP MCX with any questions.

Call (256) 895-1534 or Email DLL-CEHNC-RTLP@usace.army.mil

Our Work

Range Design Guide

The Range Design Guide (RDG) is a web-based tool that provides guidance for design and construction of US Army Training Ranges; based on the training requirements of TC 25-8.

The RDG includes:

         1.  Layouts and details for standard ranges

         2.  Range design requirements

         3.  Standard range support building designs


         Visit the Range Design Guide page.