Center’s Facility Reduction Program partners with National Demolition Association

Huntsville Center Public Affairs
Published Aug. 1, 2019
The Huntsville Center and National Demolition Association partnership ensures benefits for the entire demolition industry.

The Huntsville Center and National Demolition Association partnership ensures benefits for the entire demolition industry.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville is partnering with the National Demolition Association, a non-profit, trade association representing companies involved in demolition and demolition related activities.

The partnership will ensure the entire demolition industry benefits through increasing contractor’s access to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ education and training programs. The partnership also provides NDA members access to safety and risk management best practices and resources.

Huntsville Center’s Facilities Reduction Program eliminates excess facilities and structures to reduce Government energy and maintenance costs, eliminate safety hazards, nuisances, and unsightly structures, and free up valuable Government real estate for future development. 

The FRP centrally manages these programs with execution accomplished through installations, USACE districts and Installation Support Center of Expertise product delivery teams.

FRP assists installations and regions in developing lists of removal candidates, preparing statutorily required documentation and performing pre-demolition environmental surveys, in addition to removing excess inventory.

“The NDA and USACE jointly share industry best practices and develop and support programs and activities which will have a significant impact on the safety and well-being of workers in the demolition industry and provide companies and workers the skills and knowledge necessary to mitigate risk and enhance opportunity for success on projects,” said Jeffrey Lambert, NDA’s chief executive officer.

Lambert said access to USACE training and best practices ensures the highest standards of work are performed on USACE projects.

“Huntsville Center Facility Reduction Program has an excellent track record of Multiple Award Task Order Contracting, ensuring best in class contractors perform required work safely and implement industry best practices,” he said.

The partnership also benefits Huntsville Center’s FRP by providing a “pool” of safe, reliable best-in-class demolition contractors to bid on projects to service USACE projects, said Michelle Clark, Huntsville Center’s FRP manager.

She said the FRP also references NDA practices, contractual documents and manuals too.

“This partnership will be mutually beneficial to develop peripherals that are strictly aligned, at a minimum, to our requirements,” Clark said.

Huntsville Center’s Facility Reduction Program the NDA will host each organizations industry experts at events and conference and facilitate training and education for USACE contractors as well as collaborate to assess, contribute, and utilize recommendations in the continual development and promotion of the Foundations of Demolition Management Training Series in capability/capacity assessments and referral in the MATOC process.

In 2004, FRP was created when the U.S. Army Installation Management Command selected a single execution agent, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to centrally manage the program to simplify and streamline facility removal efforts.  As a result of FRP’s best in class approach, its customer base has grown to include the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and, National Aeronautics and Space Association.

In addition, facility removal has expanded to include re-location of transportable facilities and disassembly of metal structures, thus providing the Army with the opportunities for recycling and re-use.