Huntsville Center furniture team committed to nation’s military forces

Huntsville Center
Published July 20, 2015
Huntsville Center has more than 25 interior designers on staff who support the U.S. armed forces in three specialized areas: Unaccompanied Housing, Integrated Medical Furniture and Administrative Office. Each program supports all branches of the armed services.

Huntsville Center has more than 25 interior designers on staff who support the U.S. armed forces in three specialized areas: Unaccompanied Housing, Integrated Medical Furniture and Administrative Office. Each program supports all branches of the armed services.

Through millions of square feet worked and decades of experience between them, our interior designers within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville continually demonstrate their commitment to our nation’s men and women in uniform.                                         

This commitment began 13 years ago when a single designer was sent out on loan from Kansas City District to aid on a special assignment. Not only did this assignment flourish, it has also evolved into a multifaceted, multimillion dollar program. We have 27 interior designers on staff who support our armed forces in three specialized areas. The Unaccompanied Housing (UH/Barracks), Integrated Medical Furniture (IMF and IO&T) and Administrative Office (ADMIN); each program supports not only the Army but all branches of the armed services.

Recognized as the furniture experts for the Army, we not only provide a valuable technical service for our customers, but through our expertise and established buying power we save the government money. Since 1998 we have had a cost avoidance of $335,520,006.95, which is an average of 17 percent total program savings. In the Base Realignment and Closure years, FY07-FY11, our cost avoidance was $109,353,323.57, which was a total program savings of 31 percent. In FY14, our administrative team awarded multimillion dollar contracts over several installations and multiple buildings for the 8th Army in Korea, which included Camp Casey, Camp Jackson, Far East District, Yongson and K-16, and we were able to save the government $4,088,474.42.

The unaccompanied housing interior designers provide the war fighter with a residential environment. Barracks facilities undergo heavy use and have regular occupant turnover. Our UH interior designers specialize in procuring durable quality furniture that will endure along with finishes that are easy to maintain. Recognizing it as a way that we can enhance our military personnel’s quality of life, Huntsville Center has made it our mission to provide our Soldiers with comfortable and adequate housing.

The Integrated Medical Furniture (IMF) interior designers support Army medical facilities worldwide in a variety of ways. In addition to designing integrated modular systems products for the health care environment, our designers also develop medical furnishing packages which include accessories and artwork. By incorporating Evidence-Based Design principles into our design solutions, the IMF design team creates healthcare interiors which are informed, aesthetically-pleasing, and positively impact the health and well-being of our nation’s Soldiers every day. Once the Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment package is finalized, the IMF designer then provides procurement support.  This ensures that the design intent of the deliverable is preserved. We also provide assistance to the project manager and contracting specialist. Our designers are involved throughout the design and procurement continuum, resulting in seamless transitioning and improved timelines across the project process.

The interior designers who support our administrative office furniture program provide our end users with myriad of services. Some of these services include: furniture design/layout, coordination of electrical/data, technical writing and furniture procurement. Our furniture program has the ability to provide our customers with a comprehensive office furniture package to help them get the most out of their workplace environment. Our furniture performance specifications ensure consistent quality and longer life cycle. Today’s workers require variety and agility to get the job done and with ever shrinking real estate interior design is more important than ever. Our ADMIN interior design team specializes in designing functional and ergonomic workspaces that optimize office environments. A true test to our success is seeing people inhabiting the spaces we have created, making them their own and functioning in them as they were designed.

Design may be the single most unleveraged tool in the business world. Interior design enhances business value while impacting the health, safety and welfare of our Soldiers. As designers, we are wired to notice things that others take for granted such as ergonomically designed products, building codes, relative spatial requirements and construction of furniture. In this culture where so many are moving toward a “one-size fits all” design approach, our designers recognize the danger of losing authenticity in design. At Huntsville Center, we specialize in providing design and quality furniture at a competitive price while meeting our Soldiers’ very detailed and specific mission.

When others have gone home, it is our dedication to our nation’s men and women in uniform that compels us to persevere beyond our limits and produce the best design solution possible. Our individualized approach to each project’s design helps to ensure a high performing final product. It is our pleasure to serve those who serve our nation.