Author: William Scott Farrow
  • October

    Small Business Industry Day draws large crowd

    The event featured a general overview of doing business with the Huntsville Center and covered major regulatory changes and upcoming acquisitions, followed by an opportunity for attendees to interact directly with program managers and contracting officials for the Center’s more than 40 programs.
  • Contract provides for fit, healthy Soldiers

    Huntsville Center originally stood up the MO&T Program to support large Army replacement hospitals like Fort Bliss at a cost of $100 million. However, MO&T has outfitted medical projects as small as $400,000, and routinely provides medical outfitting support for all project sizes in between.
  • September

    BaseOps program supports Big Red One

    The BaseOps program consists of executing defined services structured around preventive and corrective maintenance. The objective is to preserve and maintain systems in such a condition that they may be effectively used for their designated functional purpose.
  • Munitions response programs improve with technological advancement, training

    In August, the EMCX hosted a technical training seminar for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers geophysicists focused on familiarization of simultaneous location and mapping, or SLAM, technology that will increase mapping production rates in thick vegetation where previously only tape measures or line-of-site robotic total station (RTS) technologies were available.
  • August

    Center employees reach out to local Korean community

    Huntsville Center employees took the stage at a North Alabama Korean Association event Saturday to present their personal stories about working for the federal government and how their work not only benefits their livelihood, but also their nation and their Korean culture.
  • July

    Center's online onboarding dashboard recognized for innovation

    Innovation supports senior Army and USACE Leadership’s mantra of caring for its number one asset – people – and making a positive first impression for its new employees on day one sets the tone.
  • June

    REM workshop assists with prioritizing work according to policy

    The Resource Efficiency Managers in attendance are all contracted “employees” whose sole purpose is improving their assigned installation’s energy programs by identifying projects and practices to reduce energy and water costs.
  • May

    Energy program saves money, resources for USACE districts

    Huntsville Center’s Energy Savings Performance Contract program has been reducing energy use and water consumption at military installations since the mid-1990s. Over the last several years, the ESPC has also developed contracts to support U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works programs around the country.
  • USACE, Huntsville Center sees aviation mission growth

    Aviation operations is based on USACE Aviation policy, standards, training and oversight support which resides within Headquarters USACE Aviation and Remote Systems.
  • April

    Validation team meeting climate change criteria changes

    The ERCIP validation team is opening any Fiscal 2024 projects that don’t have carbon free solutions and updating the projects to fulfill the criteria.
  • December

    Huntsville Center engineer’s son heading to Naval Academy

    Although Kenny Hall has always excelled in football, his father, Ray Hall, a Huntsville Center engineer, coached his only child academically for a top-notch education.
  • Supercomputer procurement streamlined after process review

    The change streamlines the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville’s High Performance Computing Program’s process to procure supercomputing systems for its stakeholders.
  • Certification program leads to academic degree for project manager

    Jesus Ramirez, Program Manager with Huntsville Center’s Fuels Program, recently completed a certification program that not only enhances Ramirez’ ability to contribute to Huntsville Center’s mission, but also added an academic degree to his accomplishments.
  • Huntsville Center recognized for small business inclusion

    The Center won in four U.S Army Corps of Engineers’ small business categories top dollar awards for Fiscal 2021.
  • November

    Resource Efficiency Manager program growing

    The new $5 million Blanket Purchase Agreement allows additional REM contract awards and four additional contractors (for a total of seven contractors) increasing the availability of REMs to meet the REM program’s progression.
  • MDA recognizes Huntsville Center project manager

    Expected to take over a year to complete, the project was finished in only six months.
  • Ground breaking signifies Corps of Engineers’ Huntsville Center move onto Redstone Arsenal

    The new 205,000 square foot facility is expected to be a purpose built, three story building allowing the Center to consolidate its off-post leases, consolidate the Center's workforce, and provide a more secure environment for the Center's staff.
  • October

    Huntsville Center energy program upgrading Navy installation

    Huntsville Center’s Utility Energy Services Contracting program was the solution to the Navy’s requirement as the Center’s UESC program encompasses a broad range of energy conservation measures providing its customers flexibility to specifically tailor a project to a customer’s energy needs.
  • September

    Resource management director sees tremendous value in certification

    Liz McCullough understands the value of maintaining professional certification in her field enabling her to provide comprehensive resourcing and financial management advice to Huntsville Center senior management.
  • Energy savings virtual workshop sees attendance nearly double

    The workshop assists in helping the Army achieve mission effectiveness and achieve mandates imposed by laws and Department of Defense regulations by integrating energy programs, initiatives and activities.