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  • March

    Huntsville Center Engineer recognized for STEM performance

    Walters is a project engineer supporting Defense Logistics Agency fuels storage and infrastructure. He ensures proper operations and maintenance is performed on Department of Defense fuels systems in support of national defense and security.
  • Partnerships set to improve, prepare Organic Industrial Bases for future

    The Army’s Organic Installation Bases Modernization Implementation Plan prioritizes and synchronizes resources toward critical facilities and capabilities to build the necessary capacity to sustain the Army’s enduring and future systems produced at the bases.
  • August

    BASEOPS continues supporting Army Reserve

    Huntsville Center’s BASEOPS Program executes defined services structured around preventive and corrective maintenance of the 88th RD’s more than 750 structures and facilities.
  • July

    High performance computing program acquisition services moving to Engineer Research Development Center

    Changes to the program are underway to turn over the program to the U.S. Army Engineer Research Development Center (ERDC) contracting activity, Vicksburg, Miss., as early as September.
  • June

    Three Center employees recognized as best in U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

    Three people working in the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville (Huntsville Center) Engineering Directorate (ED) received recognition as the best in USACE.
  • May

    Workshop tackles recent energy policy updates, changes

    More than 80 energy experts attended Huntsville Center’s REM workshop April 17-20 to ensure continuous professional development and focused training on state-of-the-art energy programs and initiatives while leveraging Huntsville Center reach-back capabilities through Huntsville Center energy experts.
  • March

    Center's installation support directorate reorganizes

    The directorate provides execution of more than 30 programs encompassing the technical, engineering, contracting and program management requirements of a variety of mission areas.
  • February

    Huntsville Center’s IT management program sunsets, transitions

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s Corporate Information Office is delivering changes to the ACE-IT program and scheduled to turn over all work to Humphreys Engineer Center Support Activity.
  • September

    Munitions response programs improve with technological advancement, training

    In August, the EMCX hosted a technical training seminar for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers geophysicists focused on familiarization of simultaneous location and mapping, or SLAM, technology that will increase mapping production rates in thick vegetation where previously only tape measures or line-of-site robotic total station (RTS) technologies were available.
  • November

    MDA recognizes Huntsville Center project manager

    Expected to take over a year to complete, the project was finished in only six months.
  • Ground breaking signifies Corps of Engineers’ Huntsville Center move onto Redstone Arsenal

    The new 205,000 square foot facility is expected to be a purpose built, three story building allowing the Center to consolidate its off-post leases, consolidate the Center's workforce, and provide a more secure environment for the Center's staff.
  • October

    ISPM director honored with DOD Disability Award

    Arthur Martin, director of the Center’s Installation Support and Project Management directorate, was one of only 21 servicemembers and civilians with disabilities to be recognized for their contributions to the DOD mission. The awards honor those whose attributes best epitomize the qualities and core values of their respective military department or DOD component, said Clarence Johnson, director of the DOD Diversity Management Operations Center.
  • September

    VE program stays course despite COVID shutdown

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way Huntsville Center does business, but it has not changed the business we do. For the Center’s Value Engineering (VE) Program, that means implementing innovative solutions to continue helping the Center’s programs provide high-quality work in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Through collaborative workshops to evaluate methods and processes, the program increases value and stretches taxpayer resources by proactively searching for and resolving issues. The Corps of Engineers requires all Huntsville Center programs to conduct a VE study once every five years.
  • March

    Energy savings contract revitalizes airfield

    In 2019 Huntsville Center awarded a fully funded $5.4 million modification to the contract’s task order to improve mission readiness and secure infrastructure by upgrading lighting and replacing decades- old wiring on Fort Knox’s Godman Army Airfield.
  • February

    Huntsville Center spotlights engineering during National Engineers Week

    The annual observance is a time to celebrate how engineers make a difference in the world, increase public dialogue about the need for engineers, bring engineering to life for students, and ensure a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce.
  • December

    Huntsville Center provides security expertise for new U.S. Army Museum

    When the National Museum of the United States Army opened its doors for the first time, visitors and museum personnel could rest assured that the priceless artifacts and displays would be safe and secure thanks to the security-systems expertise of employees at the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville.
  • November

    Huntsville Center contracting officer completes top USACE leadership program

    The USACE Executive Leadership Development Program is the top tier of a three-tier program designed to develop results-oriented leaders with the critical skills needed to lead change in complex environments. Applicants to the yearlong course must be at the GS-13 level or above and are selected based on their potential for continued accomplishments and future success.
  • October

    Army Corps' Huntsville Center closes out FY20 virtually, completes $2.4B in contract actions for global stakeholders

    The $2.4 billion in contract actions increased not only Department of Defense readiness and effectiveness through global medical facility renovations and modernization, resilient power and water utilities projects, military training facility updates and cyber security programs aimed at strengthening our nation’s defenses, it also provided vital support to ongoing federal, state and local programs and projects aimed at improving and increasing our nation’s health and safety during the continued response to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • August

    Huntsville Center’s professional development program provides foundation for future leaders

    The eight-month long program utilized a variety of methods for delivering content to develop competencies including: communication, time management, conflict management, customer service, contribution to mission.
  • Huntsville Center program keeps service members on target

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville is the designated Range and Training Land Program Mandatory Center of Expertise.