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Published July 29, 2016
Updated: Nov. 19, 2019


Unique to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntsville Center provides innovative engineering solutions to complex, global missions. Our team of more than 1,000 professionals in three Locations – Huntsville, Alabama; Omaha, Nebraska; and Alexandria, Virginia - engineer adaptive, specialized solutions across a broad spectrum of global enterprise covering five main lines of effort: Energy, Operational Technology, Environmental, Medical, and Base Operations and Facilities. Our portfolios comprise 43 program areas, executing more than 3,000 projects annually, as well as eight mandatory and six technical centers of expertise, and 17 centers of standardization.

Through partnership with Department of Defense agencies, private industry and global stakeholders, we deliver leading-edge engineering solutions in support of national interests around the globe.

While our original mission was to support the U.S. Space Program, we have since expanded our mission to encompass programs in installation support, ordnance and explosives, engineering, chemical demilitarization, operational technology as associated with Automated Building Systems, environmental and ballistic missile defense.

Huntsville Center has programmatic and functional boundaries as opposed to the geographical boundaries of most other USACE units. Huntsville Center executes programs, projects and taskings which require:

  • Centralized program management
  • Unique/highly specialized/niche technical expertise
  • National or broad in scope – crosses USACE district and division boundaries
  • Systems functionality, commonality and adaptation
  • Emerging technology which later must be promulgated across the enterprise
  • Backup to MSC/District as required

Although the programs change as national and military priorities evolve, the Center’s mission and functions are centered on four key processes. Through these processes, Huntsville Center consistently delivers quality products on time — and that’s what keeps customers coming back. These processes include:

  • Program and Project Management
  • Engineering and Technical Services
  • Construction Management
  • Innovative Contracting Initiatives

Huntsville Center has:

Nine Mandatory Centers of Expertise

  • Medical Facility Design (ER 1110-345-721)
  • Range and Training Lands (ER 210-3-2)
  • Electronic Security Systems (ER 1110-1-8162)
  • Utility Monitoring & Control Systems (ER 1110-1-8163)
  • Environmental and Munitions (ER 10-1-50)
  • Facilities Explosives Safety (ER 1110-1-8169)
  • Ballistic Missile Defense (ER 1110-2-8163)
  • Control System Cybersecurity
  • Military Munitions Design Center (ER 1110-1-8153

Five Technical Centers of Expertise:

  • DD Forms 1391/3086 Preparation/Validation
  • Facility Systems Safety (FASS)
  • Operations & Maintenance Engineering Enhancements (OMEE)
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Energy Savings and Performance Contracting (ESPC); Third-Party Financing (ESPC, PPA, UESC)

17 Centers of Standardization:

  • Army Community Service Center (ACSC)
  • Battle Command Training Center (BCTC)
  • Child Development Center – Infant/Toddlers (O-5 CDC)
  • Child Development Center – School-Age (6-10 CDC)
  • Consolidated Fire, Safety and Security Facility (FSS)
  • Soldier Family Support Center (SFSC)
  • Fire Station (FS)
  • Outdoor Sports Facility (OSF)
  • Physical Fitness Facility (PFF)
  • Youth Activity Center (YAC)
  • Training Support Center (TSC)
  • Urban Assault Course (UAC)
  • Automated Record Fire Range (ARF)
  • Combat Pistol/Military Police Qualification Course (CP/MPQC)
  • Modified Record Fire Range (MRF)
  • Basic 10M-25M Firing Range (Zero)
  • Live Fire Shoot House (LFSH)

Huntsville Center is the USACE Life Cycle Project Manager for Chemical Demilitarization, as well as one of nine USACE Centers of Standardization established to be the Army’s life cycle manager for the following facility types: emergency facilities, child and family services, training ranges, and sports and fitness facilities.


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