Ordnance and Explosives Directorate
Ordnance and Explosives Directorate imagery
A base operations and facilities noncommissioned officer of the special projects and facilities section (S7) points out a couple of new billeting at Westbrook Forward Operating Base, McGregor Range Complex. A Huntsville Center Energy Savings Performance Contract is not only provides for the overall financial and environmental savings, but aids in the physical comfort of Soldiers training there after the contractor sprayed the Quonset huts with R-19 foam insulation resulting in a heating setpoint of 68°F and occupied cooling setpoint of 70°F.
Col. Sebastien Joly, Huntsville Center commander, presents Lt. Col. Dan Segura, Huntsville Center deputy commander, with Segura's Certificate of Retirement. Segura is retiring after more than two-and-a-half decades of service to the Army and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Members of USACE Aviation Unmanned Aviation System (UAS) Basic Qualification Course 24-01, a five-day, 32-hour program of instruction preparing future crewmembers to operate UASs inside the National Airspace System. The course provided instruction for Soldiers from the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high-yield explosive Enhanced Response Force Package.
Wade Doss, left, Engineering Directorate chief, and Chad House, right, Facilities & Systems Sustainment Branch chief, join Curtney Walters, Huntsville Center project engineer, after Walters received a Modern-Day Technology Leader award for demonstrating outstanding performance in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at the 2024 Black Engineer of the Year Award Conference in Baltimore, Md.
A welder performs flux cored arc welding on a M1 tank at Anniston Army Depot, one of 23 Organic Installation Bases in the U.S. manufacturing, resetting and maintaining Army equipment. The Army’s OIB Modernization Implementation Plan prioritizes and synchronizes resources toward critical facilities and capabilities to build the necessary capacity to sustain the Army’s enduring and future systems produced at the bases.
Huntsville Center’s Furnishings Program provided a full-service project-delivery process to furnish the U.S. Army War College’s new Root Hall at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. Root Hall is the USAWC’s educational support space and Huntsville Center’s $5 million project provided furniture for the facility.

The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center Huntsville’s Ordnance and Explosives Directorate is the execution arm for the environmental work executed at the Center.  The Directorate is organized into four divisions: Military Munitions Design Center, Chemical/Biological Weapons Material Design Center, Global Operations and Ballistic Missile Defense

Capabilities: Ordnance removal (conventional, chemical, radioactive); Ordnance investigations and environmental studies; Environmental remediation; Training and capacity building; Independent operation capability to include security, logistics, and life support; Ability to reach out to other U.S. Army Corps of Engineers capabilities and assets; Service contract capabilities and in-place contracts for world-wide use; USACE Ballistic Missile Defense Mandatory Center of Expertise (ER 1110-2-8163)

Objectives: Support National Security; Rapid Response expeditionary mindset supporting Department of Defense and US Government Agency operations worldwide with qualified and responsive munitions and environmental support; Independent operation capability includes security, logistics, and life support; Provide DOD, Missile Defense Agency (MDA), and USACE with acquisitions, architect-engineering services to include sustained subject matter experts fully supporting and executing the dynamic missile defense mission; Provide facility guidance in support of MDA Facilities associated with Foreign Military Sales (FMS) cases

OE Acquisition Plan

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